Since birth, Jasod was deprived of the country’s exploited working-worker-occupant-occupant-such as the establishment of the political rights-power of common people and the undemocratic-exploited state system for economic and social liberation and against the tyrannical and vicious government and the rulers. The struggle is going on. The core strength of this struggle is the organization of the jasod. Thousands of people have gathered under the flag of Jasod, holding the ideology of socialism. The organizational structure of the party was formed from the need for organizational policy and order to organize these people together under the flag of Jasod, organized to achieve total political goals. As much as possible to amend the constitution of the party to save the stability and continuity of the party, the better. But the constitution is not miserable. According to the demands of the political need, time and demand of reality, the constitution can be changed and added.